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PNNY Reopening Church Buildings Guidance - May 19, 2020
From "Resource Connections", May 7, 2020
As churches consider what life will be like as restrictions are gradually lifted, I wanted to share some of the resources I have found most helpful in considering the many aspects that need to be addressed.  [click the blue underlined link to view the resource]. 

Please know that I am more than happy to meet with your session via Zoom if I can be of any help as you navigate these unprecedented times.  ~David

•  NYS Governor Coumo posts daily updates with helpful information and guidelines. A regional reopening plan with four phases was published recently but does not offer guidance specific to churches.  

•  The Wisconsin Council of Churches has the best summary of guidelines currently available specific to churches.  Most folks I am reading reference this and it offers very practical suggestions for getting back into our buildings.  

•  A colleague from Albany Presbytery created an excellent summary of next steps/phases for churches.
•  Rev. Leonard Sponaugle, Transitional Pastor at First PC Watertown shared this helpful link from Tom Bandy, an internationally recognized church consultant and coach whose perspective is very helpful.  I highly recommend subscribing to his "Ministry Matters" e-newsletter and following their FaceBook page where you can receive timely and helpful resources for ministry. 
•  Rev. Donna Frischknecht, editor of Presbyterian’s Today who also serves as a part time pastor to a small congregation on the eastern side of Lake George posted two wonderful pieces, one for Presbyterian's Today, and the other on her personal blog "Accidental Country Pastor."
•  Finally, a post for those who have found ways to worship online, Rev. Rich Hong helps us think through the need to stay connected digitally when we transition back into sanctuaries.  This was article was published on the Presbyterian's Today Blog.

Original Letter from the Presbytery - March 15, 2020