Across the Presbytery October 30, 2019


 November 16, 2019 from 11:am-1-pm Rouses Point FPC is hosting a warming event. Area churches with Lakeside Coffee in the season of gratitude want to warm your hearts with hats, gloves, scarfs and hot chocolate. We are collecting hats, gloves, and scarfs for this community event anyone wanting to donate new items please feel free to drop them off at our Church donation box. Come to the Lakeside Coffee on November 16th.


The Presbyterian Women Coordinating Council

of the Presbytery of Northern New York met on

Saturday, Oct 5, 2019 at the Ponderosa in

Potsdam for their semi-annual meeting.  The officers for 2019 are Co-Moderators, Margaret Gruetzmacher and Joyce Bancroft, Secretary

Dorothy Sharlow, and Treasurer Kathie Compeau.  Cluster leaders for this year are Sally Richard, Agnes Hudson, Marti Clark, and Margaret Greutzmacher.  Interpreters are Vivian Tessmer (Historian), Marti Clarke ( Celebration Giving), Anna Van Slyke (Horizon Communicator) and Betty Crump ( Peacemaking and Justice). A lovely devotional was led by Margaret Gruetzmacher and reports were given by all present.  We were honored to include the Rev. David Bennett, Resource Presbyter of the PNNY, at our meeting last May.  Thank you so much, Rev. Bennett, for attending and speaking to our group.  The next meeting will be held at the Ponderosa in Potsdam on May 16, 2020.  We invite all interested to attend the meeting next May.  It is always an enjoyable time.


Watertown Stone PresbyterianChurch with Hospice of Jefferson County presents  2019 Bazaar at 140 Chestnut St, Watertown Saturday Nov. 2, 2019 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Featuring Raffles, a Bake Sale, a Tea room, and assortments of Baskets raffles. Luncheon & Take Outs begin at 11:00 am, featuring soups, casseroles, green salad, drinks, bread and butter. Proceeds from sales donated to Hospice of Jefferson County.


Presbytery Offering Day

At the 252nd Stated meeting of the Presbytery, held on September 28 in Lisbon, the Presbytery acted to establish a ‘Presbytery Offering Day.’ The date chosen was the first Sunday in November. This special offering is intended to provide additional financial support for the mission and ministry of the Presbytery beyond what is received from ‘per capita.’ The reason for these additional funds is well presented in a video available on the Presbytery’s website, In essence, in order to sustain the continued part time work of our Resource Presbyter, Rev. David Bennett more income than is available from per capita and return from investments is required. The Coordinating Council has set a goal of raising $40,000 for the fiscal year 2020 (January through December 2020). Each Session has received a letter providing an opportunity to pledge an amount beyond per capita for the work of the Presbytery. This offering is intended to be a way of supporting that additional pledge. It is anticipated that the offering received will be only part of that pledge with the remainder coming from specific fund raising events the congregation sponsors (possibly in conjunction with nearby congregations) and/or being included in the church’s 2020 budget.


November 3, 2019 Daylight Savings time ENDS. Turn your clocks back one hour on Saturday Night, so you won’t be late for Sunday Church Services.


November 5, 2019

is election Day our Voting Date for everyone



Mission Funding in the Presbytery

In the past several years the Presbytery has provided funding for various local missions with the funds being derived from the ‘mission pledge’ that congregations made, although the total funding in recent years far exceeded what was received with the difference coming from accumulated unspent ‘operations’ funds and return from investments. There are no more accumulated funds! In light of this the Coordinating Council has chosen to no longer provide funding for these missions (Watertown Urban Mission, Helping Hands, Church and Community and Samaritan House). The Council will continue to support the work of MINC and the Watertown Multiethnic Worshipping Community (WMEC) as part of its budget. Congregations that in the past have directly supported MINC and WMEC are encouraged to continue to do so.

 Sessions/congregations are also invited to directly support the particular local missions for which funding will no longer come from the Presbytery.


9th Annual Angel Fund Dinner at American Legion, 29 Pratt Street, Rouses Point, November 8th, 2019 from 4 PM till 8 PM. Take outs available. To Benefit Local children and the area Food Banks!!! Dinner will include Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Stuffing, Corn, Rolls, Cranberry Sauce and for dessert Apple Crisp & Ice Cream. Call or stop in to Brigette@champlain Peterbilt—298-3835, ext 110. Adults $13.00, Seniors >$11.00, children 6-12 yrs old $9.00, children 5 &under FREE.

Last year we had donations, a fund raising dinner, Chinese auction and a 50/50 Raffle. We raised over $9,000.00 . With these funds we were able to purchase Christmas Gifts for 32 local children & money helped 96 Seniors at the housings for their Christmas dinner, and the balance of money was split amongst the 6 local Food Banks to help out more families. Notice came from 1st Presbyterian Church in Rouses Point.


Nov 5, Election Night Dinner Hammond PC from 4:30-7:00 pm , Roast Beef Dinner Adults $10,children $5.00  ages 4 and under FREE.



Remitting the proceeds from Special Offerings

For many years the receipts from the ‘Special Offerings’ (OGHS, Pentecost, Peacemaking and Christmas Joy) were required to be sent to the Presbytery which in turn remitted them to the Presbytery Mission Agency. In more recent years, it has been possible to remit the funds directly as well as support other denominational mission needs congregations chose to support.

The Coordinating Council strongly recommends that church treasurers remit all special offering funds directly to PMA at this address:

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

P.O. Box 643700

Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700


Also note that the whole amount received for the OGHS and Christmas Joy offerings are to be remitted. The churches are to retain 40% of the Pentecost Offering to support local youth programs. For the Peacemaking and Global Witness Offering, 50% is to be sent to PMA with the local congregation retaining 25% for local peacemaking work and 25% being sent to the Presbytery which will be shared with the Synod for Presbytery/Synod Peacemaking work.


Operation Christmas child boxes we are collecting are due Sunday November 17th, 2019 so they can be blessed and delivered.  Rita Alford is coming this weekend to share her mission stories at the First Presbyterian Church in Rouses Point, NY, if anyone would like to participate with us you are more than welcome.


Attention all CHURCHES it is time to elect and install  a Youth, to attend  General Assembly Meeting as  a Youth Advisory for General Assembly.  Any youth, boy or girl, who will be able to travel  in the month of June 20-27, 2020 to Baltimore, Maryland.  Youth interested in age between 18-25  by June 20, 2020 and will be able to commit to being away from June 18-27, 2020. Please contact Piet Visscher, Stated Clerk by email or phone #315-848-2575



                      Triennium Travels

Presbyterian Youth Triennium is a gathering of Presbyterian High School aged Youth from all over the country and the world. This exciting opportunity takes place every three years at Purdue University.  This past July I was able to travel with two youth members to take part in this incredible opportunity.  We headed out by plane the morning of July 16th and were registered, checked in, settled into our dorm rooms, and ready to go by that evening.  The 5 day event kicked off with an opening worship service.  Awe inspiring is an understatement as we joined with about 5000 other youth, along with their adult chaperones, in a lively, energetic, faith filled service.  The next three days were filled with small group gatherings, discussing and working through the scripture theme for  the day.  There were fun events each night, centered around the theme for the week, “Here’s My Heart”. We also spent time in the Prayer/Meditation Center, reflecting on what we were experiencing and taking part in many different forms of prayer and meditation.  Each day we took part in the whole group worship, and one of our youth even joined the PYT choir, performing at one of the services on Friday night.  A tradition at Triennium is for delegations to bring pins to exchange with other delegations.  We now have a collection of pins from around the globe.  We want to say a huge THANK YOU to the Presbytery of NNY, who generously supported our travels.  Also, thanks to all of you who were praying for us on our trip. I have seen the future of the Presbyterian Church, and it is amazing!  With many thanks and much joy.

Jen Gardner


Gouverneur First Presbyterian Church located at 22 Church Street, Gouverneur, NY 13642

Wishes to invite all who are interested to a HYMN SING on Wednesday November 13, 2019 from 7-8 pm.  Our musical group “Witness” will perform.  Refreshments will be offered.  Handicap access in the rear of the building for further information contact 315-287-0560.






  Reminders for Change

Autumn’s upon us

Changing colors you’ll see

A reminder of what

God has given to thee

Could Autumn mean

A change within us

Our mind, soul and body

To the Lord we’ll entrust

Reading the Bible- so much to explore

A pathway of life

To serve our Lord more

Within our church ministry

Can we seek and find

The changes we need

To help all of mankind


Poverty surrounds us

Could we start there

Giving to others

To show that we care

The shut ins, the lonely

Is there time in our busy lives

To tell them they are thought of

Hoping a smile will arise

The homeless need shelter

Warmth and food to survive

Our support of “New Beginnings”

Could spark hope in their eyes

Our land, our environment

God’s amazing creation

Let’s help to sustain it

For the next generation

World peace—can it happen

Could we set the pace

A smile—a handshake

No matter what culture or race

Our children, our future

Can we instill in their minds

That courage, compassion, integrity

Are virtues to find

Autumn’s upon us

Amazing colors with style

God’s way of reminding us

That change is worthwhile

So trust in the Bible

It will show us the way

To have God’s plan flourish

In our world today.    By Trudy Fisher